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New Romney ad links Obama to Chavez, Castro, Che

An incendiary new Spanish-language ad from GOP nominee Mitt Romney links President Obama to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and former Cuban President Fidel Castro, two frequent American antagonists from Latin America.

The ad begins with a question - "Who supports Barack Obama?" - and furnishes a damning answer, showing clips of both Chavez and Castro's niece, Mariela Castro, signaling their support for the president.

The ad also dredges up an email sent during Hispanic Heritage Month by Mr. Obama's Environmental Protection Agency that included a picture of Che Guevara.

The Romney campaign repeatedly refused to provide a copy of the ad to the Miami Herald, but Herald reporter Marc Caputo obtained a grainy copy and posted it on his YouTube account.

The ad's message, a guilt-by-association attack linking Mr. Obama to America's least-beloved Latin American leaders, is airing on Hispanic TV stations in South Florida, and is likely designed to increase Romney's margin among the historically conservative Cuban-American population in the Miami area.

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