New Products For The New Baby

The 29th annual International Juvenile Products show is under way in Dallas, Texas. This trade show features everything new for baby ­ from cribs and car seats to bibs and bottles.

CBS "This Morning" Consumer Correspondent Herb Weisbaum has details.

Here are some of the neat new products we found at the show.

  • Bebe Sounds from Unisar:

    This battery-powered device lets you listen to your baby in the womb. You can even record the sounds you pick up, or record mom's heartbeat to soothe your newborn. Price: $25. Available: now.

  • e-Stork from Cognito Products:
    It's a girl.! It's a boy! It's a Web site! This kit makes it possible to build your own Web site for your new baby. Just provide e-Stork with the appropriate information and pictures. Within three days, your personal Web site will be on the Internet. Price: Around $39.95 to get started, plus 3 months on the 'net. Available: soon. For more information: .

  • Nature's Cradle from Infant Advantage:
    This sound-and-motion sleep system replicates the soothing sounds and gentle movements of the womb. According to the manufacturer, this eases baby's transition into the world, resulting in less crying, sleeping through the night sooner, sleeping for longer, less colic. For bassinet or crib. Price: You lease this for 17 weeks for around $249. Available: now.

  • Safe-N-Secure Crib Liner from Tender Creations:
    This cloth liner keeps little ones from sticking their limbs out of the crib. Also keeps baby's belongings inside the crib and helps prevent older siblings from putting potentially dangerous objects into the crib. Machine washable. Installs without tools. Price: about $90.

  • Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer from Regal Lager:
    This potty trainer is adjustable, so it fits any toilet seat. Once adjusted, it fits securely and is easy to put on and take off. Price: $30. Available: soon.

  • Tubsider:
    This orthopedically-designed kneeling seat that takes the strain (back, knees, neck and ankle strain) out of bathing children in the tub or cleaning the tub. Estimated cost: 40 to 50 dollars. Available in just a few weeks.

  • Child Locator from Fisher-Price:
    The first monitoring device that lets parents quickly locate their child with the touch of a button. Child locator is a portable transmitter that attaches to your child's clothing. When mom or dad wants to know where the child is, they just push the button on their receiver - and the child's unit beeps. The longer the button is held down, the louder the beep becomes. Price: about $60 Available: March 1999.

  • Sammy's StreetStrollers:
    This hugstroller, shaped like a shiny new dragster, is made from high-impact polyethylene. They have a hand-upholstered, flame-resistant interior and solid rubber tires. Price: $295 Available: in a few weeks.

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