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New McCain Ad: Obama's The "Taxman"

The McCain campaign this morning released a new ad, "Taxman," that suggests that Barack Obama's economic plan will lead to "economic disaster."

The spot, which warns that "Obama's new taxes could break your family budget," is being cycled into the McCain campaign's advertising buy in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, And Wisconsin.

The spot opens with a criticism of Obama that has become a refrain from the McCain campaign in recent weeks.

"Celebrity? Yes," says an announcer, as the spot opens on cheering crowds at an Obama rally. "Ready to lead? No."

"Obama's new taxes could break your family budget," she continues, as the ad shows what appear to be struggling families. "The press warns the 'taxman cometh.' Obama's taxes mean 'higher prices at the pump.' Obama's taxes a 'recipe for economic disaster.'"

She concludes: "Higher taxes. Higher gas prices. Economic disaster. That's the real Obama."

The Democratic National Committee, meanwhile, has released a new Web ad called "Tained," which "highlights John McCain's decision to raise campaign cash with one of the central figures in the Republican culture of corruption."

The reference is to Ralph Reed, a former business partner of convicted former GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

"While most people now see Ralph Reed as a tainted man raising tainted money, John McCain sees him as a source of campaign cash," the ad concludes. "John McCain: More of the same old politics."

Watch it here.

Update: The Obama campaign responds to the ad: ""This ad is just more of the same old false and discredited attacks that Senator McCain knows aren't true. Senator McCain will say or do anything to hide the truth: while Obama will cut taxes for the middle class, McCain will give a billion dollars in new tax breaks to America's eight largest corporations, while his plan provides no direct relief for more than 100 million American Families."

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