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New Jersey teen arrested for 'cyber-bullying' two 12-year-olds on Facebook, over a girl

New Jersey teen arrested for 'cyber-bullying' two 12-year-olds
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(CBS) NEW YORK - A 14-year-old Jersey City boy faces charges of harassment and making terroristic threats after he allegedly threatened two 12-year-old boys via the social networking site, Facebook, because he thought they liked his girlfriend, according to reports.

According to acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murphy, the 14-year-old boy sent messages to the victims calling them "a punk," "gay," and "fat," reports NBC New York.

Prosecutors claim the boy took the 'cyberbullying' even further when he threatened to hurt and kill the two Belleville targets. In a message sent to one of the victims, "the teen threatened to tie the boy to a pole, attach a rope and hook it to the boy's stomach, tie it to his car and drive off, tearing off his body," Murphy told NBC.

The teen reportedly sent the hateful messages because he thought the other boys liked a girl he was interested in.

The victims eventually told their parents about the abuse, who then notified Belleville police. Detectives say they do not believe the teen knew the victims personally.

The 14-year-old was arrested Monday morning after police and the Essex County prosecutor's Cyber Crimes Unit executed a search warrant at his Jersey City home, reports NBC.

He was processed and later released to his parents.

Charges will be forwarded to the Hudson County prosecutor's office because of the location of the teen's residence, Murphy told NBC.

The Hudson County prosecutor will determine whether to charge and try him as an adult.

This case comes just days after President Barack Obama held a White House conference on bullying. According to the White House, approximately 13 million students are bullied every year.

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