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New Doc Shows the "Passion for Giving"

This article was written by's Ken Lombardi.

As the ongoing global fiscal crisis continues to leave many without food or housing, those within the entertainment industry - and beyond, for that matter - have certainly taken notice. Proof of this can be found throughout the new PBS documentary, "A Passion for Giving," which chronicles acts of altruism throughout the world.

Director Robin Baker Leacock reinforces the notion that anyone has the capacity to give, not just those with disposable income, for giving can signify more simplistic efforts as well. From a Tibetan monk to a New York City street artist, the film demonstrates various methods by which a seemingly-effortless gesture can prove very beneficial to society.

Actor Dan Aykroyd, billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, and Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels (of hip-hop group Run D.M.C. fame) are just some of the stars who lent their voice to this project, in order to raise awareness concerning the importance of acts of kindness and generosity towards others.

But the documentary also highlights the ambitious accomplishments of other humanitarians who remain lesser-known, such as Gael Greene (who helped organize the Meals-on-Wheels program) and Alexandre De Lesseps (who founded an orphanage in Burma).

During a time of economic hardship, "A Passion for Giving" offers viewers a chance to reflect on the importance of helping others in more unique ways than mere financial donations. Leacock says that regardless of whether it be time, effort, or simple affection, it is evident - perhaps now more than ever - that we all have at least something to give.

Leacock (who previously helmed "It Girls" for the WE Network) spent three years on her journey documenting these acts of giving(her husband served as a camera man). A major theme of this brisk 50-minute feature, stressed throughout the course of Leacock's journey, is how rewarding such activities can be, not only for those on the receiving end, but also for the individual performing the charitable act.

Click below for a video preview. Also check out a complete listing of "A Passion For Giving"'s screening times on a PBS station near you.

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Scheduled Air Dates on PBS:

WLRN Miami 11/22/09 10:00 PM
WNSCDT Charlotte 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WUNEDT4 Charlotte 11/22/09 1:00 AM
WUNEDT4 Charlotte 11/22/09 8:00 PM
UNCMX Raleigh-Durham 11/22/09 1:00 AM
UNCMX Raleigh-Durham 11/22/09 8:00 PM
WNEHDT Greenvll-Spartan 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WNTVDT Greenvll-Spartan 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WRETDT Greenvll-Spartan 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WUNFDT1 Greenvll-Spartan 11/22/09 1:00 AM
WUNFDT1 Greenvll-Spartan 11/22/09 8:00 PM
WRJADT Columbia, SC 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WRLKDT Columbia, SC 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WCNYDT Syracuse 11/22/09 3:00 PM
WCNYOFF Syracuse 11/22/09 3:00 PM
WJWJDT Savannah 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WITVDT Charleston, SC 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WPSUDT Johnstown-Altoona 11/22/09 7:00 PM
WHMCDT Myrtle Beach 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WJPMDT Myrtle Beach 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WEBADT Augusta 11/22/09 5:00 PM
WQLNDT Erie 11/22/09 3:00 PM
WUSFDT Tampa 11/23/09 1:00 PM
WTVSDT Detroit 11/24/09 4:30 AM
WUSFDT Tampa 11/26/09 12:00 PM
KBTC Seattle/Tacoma 11/26/09 7:00 PM
WKNODT Memphis 11/26/09 9:00 PM
WKNODT Memphis 11/27/09 2:00 AM
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