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New details emerge in Lauren Astley murder case

Lauren Astley murder suspect Nathanial Fujita has history of violence, say court docs
Lauren Astley and Nathaniel Fujita WBZ

(CBS/WBZ) WAYLAND, Mass. - Newly revealed text messages between former high school sweethearts show Nathaniel Fujita tried to reconcile with Lauren Astley before he allegedly killed her, a report says. 

Pictures: Lauren Astley and Nathaniel Fujita

After Fujita and Astley broke-up last April he sent her a letter saying, " I truly think there's part of you that still loves me, you just have to let me find it," reports ABC News.

Astley then reportedly responded to his letter with a series of text messages trying to find a time to talk with Fujita.

"In an act of friendship, Lauren Astley reached out to the defendant," prosecutor Lisa McGovern said Tuesday at the Middlesex Supeiror Court arraignment, reports ABC. "He reciprocated this act of friendship by killing her."

Fujita was arraigned Tuesday in Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn, more than seven weeks after he was arrested for allegedly killing 18-year-old Astley. He has been ordered held without bail after pleading not guilty to murder and assault charges.

Astley  was found with a gaping wound to her throat, according to prosecutors, and a bungee cord wrapped around her neck. Astley was killed by strangulation from "a ligature and a wound to her neck using a sharp object," reports CBS station WBZ

At Fujita's home, police say they found blood on the floor of the garage and a bungee cord nearby. There was also blood found on a door handle, the kitchen floor, the kitchen sink and a bathroom sink. Investigators say they later found Fujita's bloody clothes and sneakers in a crawl space by his bedroom. The clothes also had dirt consistent with being in a marsh.

Astley was last seen at work on July 3. A cyclist found her body the next morning several miles from her car. Authorities say evidence of the slaying was found in Fujita's home. Both Astley and Fujita graduated from Wayland High School this year.

Fujita is due back in court September 22 for a pre-trial conference.

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