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New Ad: Clinton Has More Votes Than Any Primary Candidate In History

Over the weekend, the Clinton campaign released a new television ad, "17 Million," that stresses the number of votes Clinton has received in primaries thus far.

Clinton maintains that she holds the popular vote lead in the battle for the Democratic nomination, despite trailing Barack Obama in overall delegates. The Obama campaign disputes that characterization, which depends on excluding caucus states and not awarding any "uncommitted" votes to Obama from Michigan, where he was not on the ballot.

The new spot begins airing today in Montana and South Dakota, where voters go to the polls tomorrow.

"Tuesday, it's up to you," an announcer says as the spot opens. "You can join over 17 million people who've voted for a leader to fix the economy. 17 million for a Commander in Chief to bring our troops home from Iraq. 17 million who want to beat John McCain."

"17 million Americans have voted for Hillary Clinton, more than for any primary candidate in history," he continues. "Some say there isn't a single reason for Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee. They're right. There are over 17 million of them."

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