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Never turn a newspaper page again with this Rube Goldberg device

(CBS) - Has this ever happened to you? You're sitting at the table, enjoying a nice cup of coffee with your newspaper, when suddenly it hits - you're going to have to turn the page with your fingers! Well fear not, dear viewer, as there is a simple solution to all of your problems now that's as easy as taking a sip of that delicious coffee. Watch and learn.

Of course the preparation to set the device up for each page is going to be about an hour or two and you'll end up paying a lot of money for replacement laptops, glasses and an array of other items... but just think of the freedom and joy you'll feel at knowing you won't have to use your fingers to actually turn the page again.  What's that? You're going to take a pass? Yeah, me, too. 

But still a very cool Rube Goldberg device video to watch unfold that has earned itself a major triple-rainbow salute from all of us here at The Feed.  If you're curious to know more about the device or creator, Joseph Herscher, you can check out a New York Times interactive on both by clicking here.

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