Never Suffer Through Hold Music Again

Last Updated May 17, 2010 12:00 AM EDT

Getting put on hold is one of the facts of modern life -- but having to listen to a Muzak version of Brown Sugar while waiting for a customer service agent is distracting enough that it can be impossible to get actual work done while you await a human being. I've got a better solution: A service that suffers through hold for you, and calls you when your time is up.

LucyPhone is a free service that listens to hold music for you. To use it, just find the company you want to call on LucyPhone's Web site and enter your own phone number. The service then calls you and automatically connects you to the company you're trying to reach. When you get put on hold, press **.

Your call ends, LucyPhone starts monitoring the hold music, and when the call finally connects to a real person, LucyPhone calls you back.

And if you need to call a company that LucyPhone doesn't have a number for, that's no problem -- you can enter the number directly.

Does this all sound like modern magic? I think it might be. Check out the video for a demonstration [via The Consumerist]:

LucyPhone from Decogram Corporation on Vimeo.