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Nelson and Graca: The great Mandela love story

It may be the last great love story of the 20th century. How Graca Machel captured the heart of the late Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela, who died today at the age of 95, brought democracy to South Africa, but he found little in the way of personal happiness after his release from a 27-year prison term. He went through a bitter divorce from his wife, Winnie, but he soon found a new wife. The woman who captured the heart of Mandela was Graca Machel. She may not be recognizable in the United States, but in Africa, she is an icon. Here's that story, as reported in 1999 by correspondent Bob Simon and producer Michael Gavshon, from the archives of 60 Minutes.

Select photos courtesy of UNICEF (UNICEF/HQ95-0948/Grossman & UNICEF/94-0883/Lemoyne)