Neil Patrick Harris' Tony awards sneak peek

This Sunday brings Broadway's night, the 65th annual Tony Awards. The show's multi-talented host, Neil Patrick Harris, and star of the hit sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," gave "Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge a preview at New York's Beacon Theater.

Tony Award Nominees 2011
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So which stars will be in attendance? According to the seating cards, it's a pretty star-studded room that includes Al Pacino and Alec Baldwin.

"There's talk that he may run for the mayor of New York City now," Wragge points out.

"I heard that, Weinergate equals pro-Baldwin. I'd vote for him," Harris adds.

The Tonys will also welcome back actress and Broadway star, Catherine Zeta-Jones who will be making her first public appearance. "We know how to get them here at the Tonys," Harris says.

The talented Harry Connick Jr. and Hugh Jackman will also be in attendance.

"Never heard of him," Harris jokes about former Tonys host, Jackman, as he throws his seating card on the floor.

This is Harris' second time hosting the Tonys. In fact, he's been called a natural, the go-to-guy for award show hosts.

"Hosting an awards show is not something you go to school's just these weird baby steps," Harris admits.

You do have to be good at it, however. Harris nailed it when he hosted the TV Land Awards and the Emmys and has been on a roll ever since.

"I love doing it. I love game nights at my house. I do the same thing that I do here...'alright everybody, the next game is's the rules,'" he says.

Besides having a great host, there are outstanding Tony nominees, as well.

The Tonys indeed celebrates Broadway's best. This year's big musical nominees include "Catch Me If You Can," "Sister Act," "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," and the season's breakout hit, "The Book of Mormon."

Although the much delayed "Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark" isn't eligible this year, they will be performing. Harris and Wragge got a preview of the stars rehearsing.

"I noticed where they are singing from is only maybe eight to 10 feet from the stage. Not too high," Wragge jokes, referring to the show's tumultuous start, which included injuries and much criticism from the press.

"Yes, not too high," Harris says. "I have to reign myself in with all the 'Spider-Man' jokes."

Have no fear Harris won't be flying through the Beacon Theater on a harness!

"I have 11 hours of 'Spiderman' material and were only a three-hour show. So what's gonna happen? I have to be nice to Bono, he's presenting... I have to be super nice, super pro-'Spiderman,' which I am anyway," Harris adds.

Besides his hosting talents, Harris is also a Broadway veteran. He'll showcase his singing and dancing skills with a performance from the musical "Company," joining an all-star cast, including fellow CBS Monday night sitcom star, Jon Cryer.

"It started out just as a benefit for the New York Philharmonic and then we got this insane cast, you know Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert, Patti Lupone," Cryer explains. "It steamrolled out of control and now its going to be in movie theaters. It's an amazing thing to be a part of."

With numerous hosting gigs, a hugely successful TV show and taking on fatherhood, how does Harris juggle it all?

"We spend so much of our time as actors desperate for work," a humble Harris points out. "So when you're on a run and its going well and you're getting more work you try and find a way to make it all work out and I have great support around me and you slot it in. It's been busier than normal. I do find myself with my i-Phone looking at my schedule saying what's happening now, alright I'll be right there."

You can see the Tony Awards, with host Neil Patrick Harris, this Sunday night at 8/7 central on CBS.