Need graffiti cleanup? CitySourced co-founder on an app than can help on "People Are Awesome"

CitySourced app raises civic awareness
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(CBS/What's Trending) - In this week's What's Trending and Good Magazine's "People are Awesome" segment Kurt Daradics, co- founder of the CitySourced smart phone app, explains the app and all that it can do to raise civic awareness.

The app is described as "a real time mobile civic engagement platform" with the capacity to get quick solutions to issues local to its users like unsightly graffiti and litter. Daradics, "the social catalyst" for CitySourced, endorses the app, describing it as free and simple to use. With only a snap of a smart phone, problems in local neighborhoods can be identified and fixed by local government.

Did local teenagers graffiti something distracting on your neighborhood stop sign? Snap a quick picture and tag the corresponding problem, in that case graffiti, and the local city hall will be notified.

Currently expanding across the nation, CitySourced is becoming a prevalent force for engagement in communities for everyday citizens. Now anyone with an Iphone or Droid can hold officials accountable for the minor civic nuisances that would previously require a trip to City Hall to fix.

The app isn't available everywhere yet, but city officials can request the app to be integrated into their area.