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Nebraska man cited in naked joyride

Nebraska man cited in naked joyride
Nickolus Borgman KETV-TV

(CBS/AP) - Everyone likes a joyride. So free, so uninhibited - especially when you're naked.

Maybe not, but four Nebraskans allegedly thought so and the driver is now facing charges.

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A Lincoln, Neb. deputy allegedly got a big surprise after stopping a pickup when he found that all four people in the truck were naked.

The sheriff's office says the deputy smelled alcohol as he approached the vehicle and the lawman found clothes in the truck bed. Officials say that inside the cab were two nude men and two nude women.

When asked by the deputy what they were doing, one man reportedly answered, "I think we're getting in trouble."

Authorities told local news station KETV that there are no laws against driving naked as long as no one is alarmed. But they say the driver, Nickolus Borgman, was cited for driving under the influence, having an open container in the car, no seatbelts and for having too many people in the front seat of his pickup.

It's a good thing there's no law against chafing.

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