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NBA's Delonte West uses Twitter to seek new job

Say what you want about Delonte West but he's an aggressive - and entertaining - job seeker. After all, this is a man who during the NBA lockout last season got a gig at a local furniture store.

Now the veteran guard, who was waived by the Dallas Mavericks on Monday, has taken to Twitter to look for a new employer. (West, who has bipolar disorder, was cut loose by the Mavs after being suspended twice for "conduct detrimental to the team.")

Rather than sulk on his couch, West is touting his "resume" online. His biggest selling point: He's a smart player who won't cost a team a lot of money.

The "motorcycle" mention is a self-deprecating reference to West's 2009 arrest for riding a motorcycle with multiple loaded weapons while under the influence of bipolar medication.

West, who has averaged almost 10 points a game over his career, plays up his skills to potential employers:

He goes on to implore NBA coaches out there to consider his basketball acumen:

And if those coaches are sticklers for spelling, West has news for you:

So there you have it: West may have his moments of "detrimental conduct" but he's a proven NBA veteran who will work for the league minimum, can play three positions and will provide locker room comedy.

A similar Twitter plea didn't work for Terrell Owens earlier this month, but West is only 29 years old and even if an NBA team doesn't call, Regency Furniture Showrooms will probably be happy to have him back.