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Natural Hair Bounces Back

The hottest hairstyle of late has been super-straight hair, and some people have gone to great lengths to achieve that smooth, perfect look.

But it may be good news to many to hear that the hair trend is swinging in the opposite direction. Early Show Entertainment Contributor Laurie Hibberd reports that the newest style could be seen as a trip back in time.

Nowadays, everything old is new again, including hairstyles. The current crop of stars and celebrities wearing their hair-dos in their natural state is a refreshing change from the super-sleek look.

Beyonce Knowles went from straight hair to curly for her role in "Austin Powers: Goldmember." Lenny Kravitz has worn his afro since cutting his long locks years ago. America was introduced to Justin Guarini's curly hair on "American Idol." And tennis star Alexandra Stevenson wore her hair out for the 2002 U.S. Open.

"The hot trend in hair these days is texture, movement, bounce, curl. It's moving away from that total stick-straight, flat, ironed-to-the-face look that we've had for a really long time, now," said Cara Kagan, Beauty and Fitness Director of Elle Magazine.

And the curly locks and 'fros are everywhere you look — from movies, to magazines ads and television commercials.

"Afros are back but they're classic. They're chic. They're not the real expanded [variety]," said hairstylist Ouidad, "They're definitely an updated version."

Well, that depends on who's wearing it. But, regardless of whether you're able to grow an enormous amount of hair, Ouidad, who caters only to curly locks and even has a new book about it, says their is a method for getting the best curl.

"Slicing and carving is a technique that I've designed to allow the curls to sit into each other...slicing right at the curve of the curl itself," said Ouidad. "It gives the illusion of layering, it gives a lot of performance for the hair."

There's no question that curls can be fabulous, but who sets these hair trends?

"I think it's definitely partially about the runways and what the hair dressers are doing to work with the designers and match what the clothes are," said Kagan. "I think it's Hollywood and what the celebrities are wearing — either in their movies or on the red carpet."

It's great to have the hair of the moment if you're an actor or a model, but can the average professional be taken seriously with big hair?

"Absolutely. I have a lot of professionals, I have a lot of CEOs and I have a lot of lawyers who actually are in court and they can't go in looking like they're mad people," said Ouidad.

"I'm the fashion director at Teen People, so when people see my hair they immediately turn on to it. And in a funny way, it's almost become my signature," said Jorge Ramon.

Arak Harlacz, a client of Quidad, said she believes that curly is acceptable right now and everybody is going to love it.

"It's a really great moment to let your hair be the way it is naturally — be it wavy, curly, whatever," said Elle's Kagan.