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Man rescued after getting stuck in storm drain for 4 days

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A man has been rescued after getting stuck for four days in a Nashville storm drain.

CBS affiliate WTVF reports that firefighters dug into the ground and broke into a concrete pipe to free the unidentified man Sunday. Firefighters were called to the scene after another man heard the victim calling for help.

"We went down through about two and a half, three feet of earth with gravel mixed in it," Nashville District Fire Chief Ardrel Sawyers told WTVF. "(Firefighters) had to physically, with a sledge hammer, bust open about a five foot section of drain pipe to get him out."

It wasn't immediately clear how the man got into the drain, but an assistant chief with the Nashville Fire Department says he had crawled in somewhere along Charlotte Avenue last Thursday.

The man got stuck in a bend in the narrow drain pipe, which ran next to the Centennial Sportsplex's tennis courts.

He suffered cuts to his body and appeared dehydrated. Once freed, he was immediately given oxygen and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation and treatment.

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