Nancy Bostrom, Daughter in Mummified Mom Case, Runs for City Council on Elder Care Platform

PIEDMONT, Calif. (CBS) Nancy Bostrom, a California woman who allegedly kept her mummified mother in her living room for years, is running for local city council on a platform of elder care.

Photo: Nancy Bostrom appears on KCOM broadcast.

In February 2009, the decomposed corpse of Nancy Bostrom's mother, Patricia Bostrom, was discovered sitting in the living room of the woman's Piedmont, Calif., home, according to CBS affiliate KPIX. Investigators are still not sure exactly how long she had been sitting there, but family and neighbors said they hadn't seen or heard from Patricia Bostrom in over six years.

Photo: Piedmont, Calif., home where Patricia Bostrom's decomposed and mummified body was found.

Nancy Bostrom told the San Francisco Chronicle that she is trying to put her "bad year" behind her but her choice of platform in the race for Piedmont city council may bring a few skeletons out of her closet.

In a recent League of Women Voters forum, Nancy Bostrom called for more to be done to help and care for the community's seniors, according to the paper.

But Bostrum's opponents may ask why she didn't do more to help her mother.

A coroner ruled that Patricia Bostrom died of natural causes but was unable to determine how long her decomposed body sat her living room, KPIX reported. Nancy Bostrom reportedly continued to pay the utility bills and even planted flowers in the garden every spring, but never reported her mother's death.

Family members say they became suspicious because Nancy Bostrom's stories about the whereabouts of her mother changed all the time.

Police announced in May 2009 that they would not bring charges in the case because the only crime they could see was that of desecrating a corpse, but they didn't think they could make it stick because Nancy Bostrom maintains that she had seen her mother just weeks before and that she thought she was travelling.

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