Nailing The Best Of The Hardware Show

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Last week, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, builders, remodelers and industry professionals from around the world gathered together for the 57th National Hardware Show in Chicago.

Danny Lipford, The Early Show contributor and host of "Today's Homeowner," also visited to keep up to date on the latest in hardware, home improvement, lawn and garden and building products. He tells The Early Show about eight of the products he recommends.

The following is a list:

Product: ProfessionalMold Test Kit
Company: Pro-Lab
This do-it-yourself kit offers two air-sampling methods which indicate the presence of mold in 48 hours. The Mold Test Kit provides an inexpensive, accurate and easy way for consumers to test their homes for this year's prevailing indoor health hazard: toxic mold.
Price: $10
Web site:

Product: Kwik Seal PlusTM Basement Paint with MICROBAN®
Company: DAP
DAP® Kwik Seal PlusTM with MICROBAN® Antimicrobial Product Protection is a low-odor, ready-mixed latex paint that waterproofs and beautifies masonry walls while it continuously fights the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the dried paint surface.
Price: Approx. $25/gallon
Web site:

Product: Duck Brand Quick Corners for Windows
Company: Henkel Consumer Adhesives
A roll of Duck brand Quick Corners for Windows contains 48 UV resistant masking tape corners, simplifying interior masking of windows, French doors, cabinets and more. Quick corners saves time, improves precision and eliminates the need for touch-ups making corner masking fast and effortless.
Price: Approx. $3/roll
Web site:

Product: SUPERFOLDTM Folding 3-Step Step Stool
Company: Cosco
Extremely compact bi-directional stool folds to 5"x5-1/2" sq. x 58" tall for easy storing and transporting. Convenient carrying handles and handy tool tray.
Price: $79
Web site:

Product: Mega-Catch Mosquito Machine
Company: Mosquito Wizard
A revolutionary new mosquito trap. USDA states "Most effective machine on the market of its kind." Two models are available. Fully assembled and ready for use. Quick and easy to operate.
Price: $600
Web site:

Product: Malibu Solar Accent Lights
Malibu's sun-powered, solar lighting can be used to mark walkways and steps, outline driveways or decorate patios and flower gardens. Each sun-powered, solar light contains a specially designed solar collector panel that converts sunlight into electrical energy. Each light operates independently – automatically recharging during daylight hours and turning itself "ON" at dusk – without the need of transformers and timers.
Price: $20-30/each
Web site:

Product: Battery Operated Lamps
Company: Vector Products Inc,
These decorative lamps work for up to 8 hours on single charge or continuously when plugged in. Most come with a dimmer control. Styles vary from ultra modern to "Tiffany" style.
Price: $39 and up
Web site:

Product: Grill2Go Fire & Ice
Company: Thermos
The Fire & Ice Grill is a two-in-one grill with 10-gallon cooler perfect for a backyard get-together as well as completely portable for the beach or pre-game tailgate party.
Price: $300
Web site: