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NAACP: 1,500 Voter Registration Cards Missing

(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
The NAACP is reporting that at least 1,500 first time voter registration cards that were filed with the New York City board of elections are missing. "Fred Williams, a senior NAACP official went to the Far Rockaway, Queens, board of elections and was told there is no record of the registration forms or that they were ever submitted. The board of elections is not answering their phones and making it difficult to resolve this problem." Hazel N. Dukes, President of NAACP N.Y. State conference told CBS News.

The NAACP discovered the problem while calling people to make certain they knew where to go to cast their vote. When they discovered that most of those called did not receive any voting information from the board of elections they instructed people to call their local board to get registration assistance. "The election board claims they didn't get the voter registration cards that were sent to them. Sixteen of the first time registration cards were even hand carried to the board's office in Queens by Fred Williams and now they are claiming they did not receive those registration forms either, "said Dukes.

If a voter is registered in NYC their name should appear on the board of elections website. In addition to Queens, they are experiencing similar voter registration problems with Staten Island, the Bronx and Brooklyn. "It's frustrating because we're not getting any help from the board of elections in those boroughs. We're also not going to let this matter go," added Dukes.

When I called the board of elections to inquire about the missing registration cards, I was instructed to call Valerie Vasquez, the boards press person and I repeated got a recording that stated "I'm sorry but there is no room right now to record your message."

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