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My 5 Favorite Funny Sales Videos

In the two years I've been writing the Sales Machine blog, I've posted several hundred videos. Most of them are instructional, but some I simply posted because I thought they were funny, yet relevant to the sales profession. Here are five favorites you might have missed the first time around.

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NUMBER 5 This video is actually part of a series, all of which are worth watching. This particularly episode, though, really encapsulates the horror of having a terrible sales manager. The deadpan delivery is priceless...

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This video shows what would happen if everybody inside an advertising agency actually told the truth. This is particularly relevant because it also shows the utter uselessness of brand-based advertising.

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This is a prank call where somebody took clips of "Judge Judy" (a U.S. television personality and former judge) who has a show where she berates people who are pretending to be litigants. It's pretty funny on its own merits, but simply hilarious if you've ever caught her act. The sales managers is a saint and handles the situation very well, considering.

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This is is a little off-kilter. It's part of a standup routine where a woman explains how she used sales training to manipulate her parents. It's obvious that she's been to Dale Carnegie, which just goes to show you where positive thinking can get you...

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This one has been around for a while, but it's still my favorite because it really does capture some of the cultural differences between those who sell... and those who think they know how to sell, but have never done so.