Muzique "NO FAT GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!;)" UN-Invite Puts Nightclub in Tight Spot

Muzique nightclub in Montreal.
Muzique nightclub in Montreal.
Muzique nightclub in Montreal. (Muzique/YouTube)

MONTREAL (CBS) Lines for nightclubs can be an excruciating experience in any city from the wait right down to straight rejection; however, a nightclub in Montreal may have found a way to scale back lines and their business after posting "NO FAT GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!;)" in an invitation on the club's Facebook page.

The invitation was advertising the birthday celebration for Muzique Montreal's co-owner Michael Bourgeois, who claims the post was "an inside joke."

Unfortunately for Muzique, his explanation has not done much to quell the controversy surrounding the St. Laurent Blvd. nightclub, reports The Montreal Gazette.

Immediately after the flyer was posted on Muzique Montreal's Facebook page Aug. 8, the club caught a hefty amount of flack as numerous emails poured in blasting the club for its poor taste in jokes.

John Jay, who oversees communication and marketing for the nightclub, claims a friend of one of the co-owners posted the comment, and that he along with the owners should not be held responsible.

"We didn't even realize (the comment) was there until a couple of days ago and it was too late to retract it because the event had already happened," Jay told The Montreal Gazette.

Muzique's management told the Montreal paper that they were thinking of posting an apology.

Thinking? Wow!

Either way the club's attempts to smooth over the situation were too late as fans were already weighing in on the Facebook page.

"When I saw it I freaked out. I was livid," one plus-size woman who received the message as a member of Facebook's Muzique group told The Montreal Gazette.

She told the newspaper that her weight was never a factor that stopped her from going out, but that the comment will keep her from going to Muzique.