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Muslims talk Trump, America after San Bernardino shooting

This week, CBS News contributor and Republican strategist Frank Luntz talked to a focus group of American Muslims about their thoughts on campaign politics following the San Bernardino terror attack
Muslim Americans weigh in on Donald Trump’s “hateful stereotyping” 02:41

CBS News contributor and Republican strategist Frank Luntz talked to a group of Muslims about their thoughts about what's going on in America following the San Bernardino terror attack and Donald Trump's call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S. Below is a transcript of their conversation.

FEMALE VOICE: I mean, every time that there's some kind of attack in this country, every time that there's any kind of a crime, I'm literally praying -- and I'm sure that everyone else here is literally praying -- that it's not a Muslim. Before any facts start rolling through, we're literally praying that it's not a Muslim. And when it is, I know exactly what's going to happen. I mean we've seen this for decades, this isn't anything new as many of my peers have said.

MALE VOICE: No it's exactly that.

FEMALE VOICE: ...I actually did a call out to Muslim parents across the country to not watch the Republican debate in front of their children, because I know that that -- subjecting our children to hear the hateful stereotyping and the lumping of Muslims with terrorism in front of our children is actually something that psychologically impacts them. So that's how deep this is for us.

FRANK LUNTZ: But don't you want the kids to know the challenges that they face?

FEMALE VOICE: I don't want my children to be subjected to racism and the vilification of their faith. I will explain to my kids in my own way, in the way that I can speak to them. And I will not allow Donald Trump to tell my kids how they should feel about being Muslim.

FRANK LUNTZ: ... I want a word or phrase to describe Donald Trump.

FEMALE VOICE: Exploitative.

MALE VOICE: Worse than Voldemort.

FEMALE VOICE: Psychopath.

MALE VOICE: ...Bigoted.

MALE VOICE: ...A blessing in disguise for us.

FRANK LUNTZ: ...I wanna go with your response - why?

MALE VOICE: That's why we're here, Frank. I would not be sitting here right now if this wasn't happening. A lot of our voices would not be out -- out here because of him...We are now in the public spotlight. Let's use this to talk about who we really are, all right, let's use this to be like, "Hey, America, we're Americans. Don't fear us, okay. Fear your crazy politicians who are trying to buy your votes. And I think this gives us a great chance, you know.

FRANK LUNTZ: What percent of the Muslim community do you think could potentially be a physical threat to the country?

MALE VOICE: In America, maybe less than 1 percent.

FRANK LUNTZ: So you all agree.


MALE VOICE: But if Trump keeps doing what he's doing and if he's elected president, that number, whatever it may be, will skyrocket.

FRANK LUNTZ: So you're saying that Trump could actually --




FEMALE VOICE: No, that's not fair.

MALE VOICE: Guys, let me explain. Let me explain. Let me explain. He's being irresponsible. The American people need to understand that. The national security agencies have said that his comments might be used as a poster for ISIS. He's driving and fueling anger amongst Americans and abroad.

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