Musician mixes Rebecca Black and Nyan Cat into Internet gold

(CBS) - It's the music mash-up the whole Internet has been waiting for! Australian musician and YouTuber lara6683 is known primarily for dressing up in video game costumes and playing the games' theme song on piano and violin. But in this special instance, Lara makes her own mashup of sorts, combining music for the two Rebecca Black hits, "Friday" and "My Moment" with the uber-meme that just won't quit, Nyan Cat.

It's always awesome to see true musical talent combine with offbeat taste. (Not that there's anything wrong with liking Nyan Cat.) I really like her take on the three songs as it combines all three in a subtle yet complimentary way. There are certainly times where the main aspects of each song stands out above the rest, but for the most part the three blend together effortlessly meshing the good from all three into one.

Listening to this song got Black's "Friday" stuck in my head as I tried to identify it. Unfortunately, it is only Monday, I've got to watch the Extreme Sports Compilation again.