Music Blaring, Hillary Clinton Rolls Through Puerto Rico on Flat Bed


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

CATANO, PUERTO RICO -- Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail in traditional Puerto Rican style, on the back of a flat bed, trailing another truck with enormous speakers blaring Hillary Clinton campaign propaganda.

A woman on a loud speaker urges voters to turnout. The woman can be heard saying, "Esta es la caravana de tu proxima presidente, Hillary Clinton!" (This is the caravan of the next president, Hillary Clinton!).

The travelling press stands, holding on to railings on another flat bed truck just in front of Clinton, who waives to onlookers. The song that plays most of the time is by Willie Colon, a famous Latin pop star who wrote a song especially for Clinton, called "Hillary Clinton for Presidenta."

The streets of Catano, where Clinton kicked off the canvassing, were eerily quiet. Only a handful of people stood in the streets of this lower income community to greet Clinton.

The caravan is making its way to the town of Tora Baja. More people line the streets and cars slow down and honk at the sight of Clinton, who stands shaking her hips to the sound of the music. Although the traveling press has not seen anything like this along the trail, we have six more hours to go.