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Move Over Health Care, 2010 Is All About Jobs

Disputes over federal funding for abortions, the establishment of a public option and a tight Congressional schedule are likely to delay a final health care bill for President Obama to sign, Politico Health Care Editor Craig Gordon told Bob Orr on Wednesday's Washington Unplugged.

The new timetable has talks slipping into February, past Obama's State of the Union address.

"Look, President Obama is anxious, I would say almost desperate to turn to the question of jobs and the economy," Gordon said. "They've been really trying to get health reform out of the way."

"The negotiations will be going kind of hot and heavy, but I don't think we'll see a final deal struck until early February," he added.

The White House plans to focus much of their attention on the economy and creating jobs at the start of the new year, Gordon said, emphasizing improvements in infrastructure, creating "green" jobs and incentives for small business owners.

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