Mother of Murdered Miami Teen Jaclyn Torrealba: "Listen to Your Parents"


NEW YORK (CBS) An 18-year-old Miami college freshman is dead, and all that is left is a desperate plea from her mother to "listen to your parents."

PICTURES: Miami Freshman Jaclyn Torrealba Murdered

Jaclyn Torrealba was allegedly killed by an older man she was romantically involved with, 30-year-old Juan Carlos Portieles, aka DJ Seasunz, who her parents had forbade her from dating for fear that he was a predator to young girls.

"Your parents give you good advice. Take this lesson; there are bad people out there," Vilma Castro, the teen's mother said at a press conference Tuesday, Oct. 13.

Jaclyn Torrealba's body was discovered in the front passenger seat of Portieles' car on Sunday Oct. 11, after he drove to a Miami police station and told officers that he had choked her to death, according to the arrest warrant.

Torrealba's father, Pablo Torrealba said that he never considered Portieles his daughter's boyfriend and that he and her mother "never agreed to that relationship."

But friends of the murdered teen say that she continued to have a romantic relationship with Portieles, an up-and-coming Miami disc-jockey who, according to associates, was popular with underage women in the club scene.

According to a 17-year old who worked with him selling tickets to a music festival, Portieles was adored by young girls. These teens "LOVED" the popular DJ and "thought he was sweet and charming," the teen, who asked to be called "Juliette," said in an online interview with Crimesider.

But others saw a dark side.

Erika Escobar, 22, who met Portieles "through the club scene" when she was 17 years old, said she found him "slightly odd and sometimes creepy," in an email to Crimesider.

She also said Portieles bought drinks for underage girls in the clubs.

Photo: Jaclyn Torrealba.

Jaclyn Torrealba was a minor, either 16 or 17, when she started seeing Portieles. She was a high school honors student and hoping to study law at Florida International University where she was a freshman.

As her family continues to grieve the tragic loss of their young daughter, they hope her story can help other teens use their best judgment.

"No one deserves what my daughter got ... no one's life should be cut this short," Pablo Torrealba said at the conference.

"Our daughter; our wonderful daughter; all we have left of her is memories," he said.

The G. Holmes Braddock debate team will host a car wash for the grieving family on Oct. 19 at the student parking lot, 3601 SW 147th Avenue and will begin at 9 a.m.

PICTURES: Miami Freshman Jaclyn Torrealba Murdered

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