Disappearance of Ark. boy, 2, a mystery

Malik Drummond

Searcy Police Department via CBS affiliate KTHV

SEARCY, Ark. -- A two-year-old Arkansas boy disappeared this past weekend and the search over several days has led to more questions than answers, CBS affiliate KTHV.

The family first told the station that Malik Drummond wandered out of his home while his father was napping in the same room on Sunday, Nov. 23. Now, after several days of searching, family members say they fears he may have been kidnapped.

"We think he was kidnapped, but we're not sure. Worse comes to worst, that's what we think," Tanya Drummon told the station Tuesday.

Police also said Tuesday that they were not ruling out the possibility of foul play, but they were using a polygraph machine to rule people out as possible suspects.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Malik is autistic.

Police initially said Malik walked away from his home around 5:45 p.m. Sunday. His mother had been checking on dinner when she realized that her son was gone, Malik's father says. The screen door was shut, but the main door was open, police told the station.

Volunteers then spent Sunday night searching for Malik in abandoned houses and vehicles, sheds, play areas, and other small areas, the station reported.

Helicopters were then brought in to aid in the search on Monday -- as well as search dogs.

On Monday, police had followed two leads: An abandoned home with missing floorboards and footprints along a local creek -- both fitting descriptions of places autistic children have sought out -- with no luck, KTHV reported.

As of 7 a.m. on Tuesday, temperatures were reportedly at 32 degrees in Searcy, according to the station.

"If anybody knows where Malik Drummond is, could you please bring him home?" his grandmother pleaded. "The kid has been freezing to death. He didn't have a coat on... just his shoes and a t-shirt."

The toddler was reportedly last seen wearing a blue shirt and brown pants with stripes. Local police have asked that if anyone has information that could help in the search for Malik Drummond, call (501) 268-3531.