More than 16 Pa. horses rescued in "astounding" case of neglect

Severely neglected animals have been rescued by Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown, Pa. over the last week.

CBS Philly

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. -- Pennsylvania State Police are investigating an animal neglect case one rescue group is calling "the worst" it's ever seen, reports CBS Philadelphia.

Last Chance Ranch, which helped with the rescue, called the number of abused animals and dead horses "astounding."

More than 16 horses were rescued by nearly two-dozen sheep and a dog after authorities called on the staff at Last Chance Ranch to help rescue the animals from an undisclosed location Friday, just hours before the weekend's massive winter storm began.

Staff and several volunteers immediately traveled to the property and transported five horses who were the most critical to Quakertown Vet Clinic. Wednesday, the rescue team went back to transport seven more horses, 20 sheep and one dog for treatment.

Officials who were on the scene said three of the horses were so severely emaciated they were unable to stand and required around-the-clock care. Two more horses are pregnant.

Because of bad road conditions, four horses remain on the property and are being fed by rescue volunteers until it's safe to transport them.

Last Chance Ranch is asking for donations as it continues to provide veterinary and nutritional care to the animals.