More Super Bowl 2013 commercials before the big day

(CBS News)  We here at The Feed are continuing to get pumped up about all of the glorious commercials that are going to air during the Super Bowl this weekend. Oh, and also about the game, too. Go, uh, home team! (Just kidding, everyone...) Anyways, here's another round of upcoming ads to get you all psyched before the big day starting with this epic entry from Audi above.

Ah, it brings back memories of my own high school Prom back in the day... okay, look, you can all stop laughing. Honestly, rude much? Moving right along, up next up in our Super Bowl commercial preview is a quirky gem from Volkswagenwho was also highlighted in our prior pre-game post, and who continues to focus on looking towards the sunny side of life and getting happy below.