Two fun teaser commercials before the Super Bowl

(CBS News) While we're still over a week away from the Super Bowl, a few companies are getting a head start on that major non-sports element that many of us look forward to each year: commercials! Seriously, the "cream of the crop" in terms of hilarious and outrageous ads play during the Super Bowl, and your blogger here gets excited to see them all. So let's take a peek at two teaser items starting with this video above from Volkswagen above that embraces viral videos.

The sweet clip entitled "Sunny Side: 2013 Volkswagen Game Day Video with Jimmy Cliff" compiles some of the best moments in viral video history, both new and old, into an uplifting and fun moment for everyone to enjoy. Well-played, Volkswagen

And not to be outdone, Taco Bell has released a teaser for what is bound to be a pretty wild and outrageous commercial during the Super Bowl. Go ahead and watch as "grandpa goes wild" in their video below. "Grandpa goes wild?" You'll see what that means...