More rain expected in soaked Fla. panhandle

Florida Panhandle flooding
Forest Creek apartment resident Calvin Grace returns from checking on the flooding conditions in his unit Sunday, June 10, 2012, after receiving nearly two feet of water on Saturday, in Pensacola, Fla. Floodwaters from torrential rains damaged homes and closed roads throughout the Florida Panhandle, cutting power to the county jail and sending residents to emergency shelters as the area braced for additional rains Sunday.
Tony Giberson,AP Photo/The Pensacola News Journal

(CBS News) PENSACOLA, Fla. -- More rain was expected Monday in the Florida Panhandle after a weekend of flash flooding.

Parts of hard-hit Pensacola were swamped by nearly 15 inches of rain, reports Blake Brown, of CBS Mobile, Ala. affiliate WKRG.

The flooding extends over a wide area along the Gulf Coast.

At an apartment complex called Forest Creek, a nearby creek overflowed, raising water levels to four feet deep.

Calvin Grace, a disabled retiree without insurance, tried to stave off the flood waters by lining his sliding door with towels.

"It flooded and everything just got washed away," Grace says. "My TV, my couch, my loveseat, my chair - my everything."

Though flooded roads have slowed damage assessment, the toll on motorists is clear.

"It was deeper than what we thought, and water washed up over my hood and drowned the engine out," says 90-year-old Leroy Bonifay. He and his grandson found themselves stranded.

"The water kept getting higher and higher, and eventually got up to the window level of the door," Bonifay says."I've never seen it get this high in this area before. It's tough, but we'll make it out alright."

Two bystanders helped him to safety.

The flooding, which began Friday, covered roads.

A Jacksonville motorist was on his way to claim a radio station prize when he became confused turning into the station's parking lot. Instead, he drove into a 14-feet-deep pond. The driver emerged unscathed, but the car was ruined.

The Gulf Coast is suffering through a stagnant weather pattern, which has kept the rain in place. But the wet weather is expected to head up the eastern seaboard Tuesday into Wednesday.

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