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More Comedy Stylings from Joe Biden

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(DANVILLE, VA.) - Weeks ago when Joe Biden geared up for his debate with Sarah Palin by downplaying expectations for his performance, one of the things he said over and over was how he couldn't come up with zingers like Sarah Palin could.

(And I guess we we're supposed to believe that the top Democratic speechwriters in the country couldn't come up with them for him either.)


Just listen to Biden on fire at a rally today in Danville, Virginia that had the crowd rolling. Clocking in at sixteen minutes, extremely short for the long-winded Biden, the brevity of his speech was also the soul of its wit.


"I know Halloween's coming. I know it's coming. But this takes change, the notion of change, to the extreme. I mean, look this change costume is one that the American people are not going to buy on John McCain's body, ladies and gentlemen. I never saw a guy run so far so fast from a sitting president in my whole life!"


"George Bush I'm told came out today, voted early, and said he voted for John McCain. I guess that's called returning the favor, I don't know."


"I love it when John McCain and his running-mate, Governor Palin, stand there on stage together, 'Hey Maverick. Hey Maverick. We're both mavericks, right? It's the maverick thing.' "


Hey, even his buddy Bob Casey throws a line his way!

"A senator friend of mine from my hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania where I was born, a guy named Bob Casey, the Democratic senator, you know what he said? And I'm paraphrasing. He said you can't call yourself a maverick when all you've been the last eight years is a sidekick!"


"You know, in the last debate, in the last debate, John McCain felt the need to declare he was not President Bush. And just yesterday, John McCain actually went so far as to compare Barack Obama to George Bush. Now as my 10-year-old granddaughter Finnegan says, 'Hello?'"


Biden headlines in Martinsville, Virginia tonight. Two drink minimum not required!

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