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Moms share: How motherhood made me a better worker

(MoneyWatch) For working moms, few transitions are bigger than finishing maternity leave and heading back to the office for the first time. [Read: Maternity leave: 4 tricks for going back to work].  But once they're settled into a routine, some new moms see their changed perspective as an asset at work. Here's how two working mothers say their new "second" jobs make them better at their first.

Procrastination may become less appealing

When you have so much to come home to, surfing the web or gossiping with co-workers can become a thing of the past. "I take my time more seriously, and get more done in less time," reports Tami Monahan Forman, new mom and Senior Director of Global Corporate Communications at Return Path, Inc., a digital marketing firm.

Delegating can become easier

Most working moms realize early on that they'll need some help at home, whether from a partner or a paid employee, like a nanny. Stephanie King-Myers, Founder of Bottle & Bottega, an art studio franchise, says she also learned to ask for help on the job. "Having a baby has made me realize that I can't do it all, I have to trust in my ability to hire and train a great staff and in their ability to do the job I've hired them to do," says King-Myers.

Usual office stress may be less jarring

Some moms report feeling far more confident in their abilities as an employee or boss post-baby. Says Forman: "I'm not sure if it was the whole experience of childbirth or dealing with newborns, or both, but I'm a lot less fearful in day-to-day situations."

Ambition can be increased

For some women, adopting the new role of mother can force them to reevaluate how much time and energy they want to put into their work. But for other women, like Forman, it can affirm their dedication to their success outside the home: "I think in the back of my head I had the idea that I'd be a stay-at-home mom," says Forman. "But when I realized that I really like being a working mom, I cranked it up."

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