Mom-in-Chief Author Hopes to Capitalize on Obama Presidency

Last Updated Nov 24, 2008 8:17 AM EST

Jamie Woolf wasn't trying to cash in on the Obama presidency when she started writing an advice book a couple of years ago for mothers called Mom-in-Chief. She was just trying to write a book that showed women how to translate their business skills to the home and family, and she came up with the catchy title.

But all bets are off now, because a certain First Lady-in-waiting has coincidentally latched on to the phrase "mom-in-chief" to describe the role she envisions for herself in the White House.

Woolf's book is in production and won't be out until (coincidentally) next February, but she's already ramping up her PR efforts. She's putting out press releases and doing interviews on subjects such as "How to Raise Politically Engaged Children."

And she's trying hard to get the book into the hands of the most famous Mom-in-Chief, Michelle Obama. She has a friend on the transition team and has handed him an advance copy of the book and a note to Michelle.

Here's a question for you: if you were Woolf, what else would you do to promote your book and your good fortune at picking such a hot topic?

  • Jon Greer

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