Mom blames son's brain tumor for high-speed Calif. chase

An officer examines the car of a Calif. man who engaged police in a high-speed chase
CBS Sacramento
(CBS) SACRAMENTO - A Sacramento man led police on a high-speed chase in his Corvette that went on for miles and put drivers in danger, but the suspect's mother says her adult son is not a criminal, but has mental problems because of a brain tumor.

Timothy Donohue, 54, was arrested Saturday night after the high-speed pursuit on Interstate 5, CBS Sacramento reported.

Donahue's mother, Betty, told the station her son is sick, and that recently his behavior had changed since doctors discovered Timothy had a brain tumor about the size of an orange, and then removed it. She says her son has been acting erratically since the surgery; sometimes confused, often enraged.

"He was not acting the same, not at all, not all," Betty Donahue said.

She added, "He's not a murderer. He's not a violent person. He would do anything for anybody."

"I think he definitely needs medical help," said Betty.

CBS Sacramento reports that, according to the American Brain Tumor Association, changes in behavior occur in the majority of patients with brain tumors at some point during their treatment, including changes in emotional control.

"I think he definitely needs medical help," said Betty Donahue.

Timothy's family is concerned that officials at the jail are not aware of his condition; however, according to CBS Sacramento, officials say they are, and that like all other inmates, he will get the medical help he needs.