Miss America going to inauguration despite "freezing" temperatures

It turns out that Mallory Hagan, the newly-crowned Miss America, is attending Monday's inauguration after all.

Hagan had a ticket to the inauguration but said she wasn't sure if she would be attending because "it's going to be freezing."

But late Sunday, Hagan, 23, told Politico, she'll be there despite the "cold" temperatures. At around noon, it was about 39 degrees in Washington.

"I am. I am going," she said. "We were concerned about a few things, travel being one of them, and also, I was being a bit of a wimp and thinking that it might be cold, but I know that the weather says it's going to be about 52 tomorrow, and I've been graciously gifted a down coat, so I'll be there with bells on, and I'm very excited."

Hagan was born in Alabama, but has lived in New York since she was 18. She was named Miss New York last year and was crowned Miss America this month.