Michelle Obama: President is not going to lose


The polls may still be close, but there's at least one American who's sure President Obama is going to win reelection: first lady Michelle Obama.

Asked if there's a "reasonable chance" the president could lose in November, Mrs. Obama replied, "absolutely not."

"This country is in a much better place than it was when he took office," she continued. "And what struck me about what President Clinton says is that he has full belief that this path and this president is the person that's gonna get us, keep moving us where we need to be.'

The first lady spoke to CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley Thursday, two days after her widely lauded keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

A transcript follows:

Pelley: Your speech on the first night of the convention, you said that the presidency does not change a person, it reveals the person. And I wonder, has this experience revealed anything to you about your husband that you did not know?

Obama: What I have seen in him and I've been so impressed is how he is able to handle very high-pressured situations with a level of calm, consistency, and -- and wisdom. You know, so he doesn't allow his immediate emotions to carry the day. And he -- he keeps me focused. Because whenever I get tired or frustrated, he's usually the one who, as I said in my speech, reminds me that this is a long game. And that patience and sort of steadfast focus really wins the day.

Pelley: What do you get tired and frustrated about?

Obama: You know, there are -- we don't have time (laughs), to count the ways...

Pelley: Tell me about that.

Obama: Well, we won't get into that. But, you know, I will tell you that -- But I will say is that my husband's ability to stay focused, you know, and to, you know, keep this country moving forward has impressed me.

Pelley: You could've said that persistent questioning by reporters gets under your skin. That's a possibility.

Obama: But even -- but even that (laugh) is, you know (laughs).

Pelley: Do you think there's a reasonable chance that your husband could lose this election?

Obama: Absolutely not. You know, this country is in a much better place than-- it was when he took office. And I'm gonna be playin' a pretty big role, as much as I can, being out there and trying to deliver that message, share that vision, you know, remind people about who my husband is, what he's accomplished. So I'm gonna do my part for the next 62 days to make sure that Barack Obama is the next president of the United States.