Michelle Obama On Life At Home

In Part Two of her exclusive interview with co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez, Michelle Obama gives us a personal look into her marriage to Barack Obama, life at home with their two daughters, and the future.

She admits the pressures of a presidential campaign have altered family life at the Obamas' home where she said recently there has been a lot less time for cooking dinner.

"When we cook, I cook," she said, but recently, "It's a lot of ordering out, it's a lot of folks bringing food, you know? This year has not been usual."

"Are you a good cook?" Rodriguez asked.

"I'm a good cook when I have time to do it, but I'm not somebody who has to cook," Obama said. "If there is somebody else who has got a good meal, we're there!"

With limited time available at home because of the pressures of campaigning, most of the time that she and Barack share together, she said, revolves around their children.

"Your kids become your focus and, when we're not doing this, we're thinking about what we need to do to make sure that the girls are on-point," she said, "that they've got their Halloween costumes, that we sent in the project for the next assignment, that we're going to make it to the parent/teacher conference. That tends to consume all that extra energy and time that you have to daydream and ponder and think about what we've gotten ourselves into."

Michelle also talked about what their children want to be when they grow up, and what she sees as life for herself and Barack 16 years from now, eight years after "two successful terms in the White House."

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