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Michelle Obama Attends Care Packaging Event For Troops

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

Michelle Obama started her day early in Denver, attending a bipartisan care-packaging event for overseas military in a blue T-shirt that read, "Supporting The Troops"

Joe Biden's wife, Jill, also in attendance, was acknowledged by Obama, who said "I am just honored to have her as part of our team."

Obama told the crowd to put a note in each package with a written promise of what they would do at home to honor the service of soldiers abroad, which she said could be teaching a child to shoot a basketball or getting involved community service.

"Our parents taught us to whom much is given, much is expected," she said, quoting Luke 12:48 from the Bible.

She finished her brief speech by revving the crowd up for husband's speech tomorrow night, saying, "There's a guy coming in, Barack Obama, he's going to be the nominee."

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