Michael Jackson's Children Were Not Affected By Stun Gun, Says MJ's Mother

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, Pool)
LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) An attorney for Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother and the guardian of his children, says the children were never exposed to a stun gun that was sent to the family's home recently.

Photo: Paris Jackson, left, Prince Michael Jackson I and Prince Michael Jackson II on stage during the memorial service for Michael Jackson.

Attorney Adam Streisand confirmed that child services are investigating but said that the stun gun Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son ordered online was confiscated before any harm was done.

Streisand says only Jackson's oldest son Prince saw the stun gun after security got a hold of it.

The weapon was not used on any of the pop star's children; Jermaine Jackson's son tested it out on a piece of paper, said Streisand. Security and Katherine Jackson heard the sound and confiscated the weapon immediately, he said.

"Blanket Jackson never saw or heard the Taser," Streisand said. "Neither did Paris Jackson. Prince saw the Taser in possession of security."

"All of the kids are happy, healthy and wonderful, and that is Mrs. Jackson's only objective and concern," Streisand said.