Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson, who plays the villain of "Lost"
Emmy-winning actor Michael Emerson stars in the ABC series "Lost" as Ben Linus, a strange, socially isolated character who is one of the "others," a group of people who set up the human experiment on the island.

Emerson won an "Outstanding Guest Actor" Emmy for a part on "The Practice" in 2001, but these days, he's better-known for his role as Zep Hindle in the 2004 film "Saw."

Emerson has been both on the big screen and on stage. He has done off-Broadway plays and has worked alongside Uma Thurman in "Misanthrope" and "The Iceman Cometh" with Kevin Spacey as well as "Give Me Your Answer, Do!" and "Hedda Gabler" with Kate Burton.

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Emerson joined the cast of "Lost" in 2006 and has stirred up some major drama with the plot's twists and turns.

He is married to his second wife, Carrie Preston - she plays the role of his mother in flashback scenes in "Lost."