Meryl Streep pushes for creation of women's museum

In a red carpet interview with, Oscar winner Meryl Streep expressed optimism that Congress would authorize a new privately-funded National Women's History Museum on the National Mall in Washington.

"We are hopeful we will get the permission to build our museum," said Streep, who pledged $1 million of her own money toward the project and serves as the museum's honorary spokeswoman. The museum, which needs congressional approval for its location alongside other famous DC museums, would be built with private funds. Organizers would need to raise at least $150 million, and possibly many times more than that.

Streep, who is promoting her new movie "The Iron Lady," said female leaders face many challenges that are similar to Margaret Thatcher's.

"The story of the first dually elected leader of the Western power, Margaret Thatcher seemed to sort of dub-tail pretty nicely with what the museum is trying to achieve," Streep said.

Watch the full discussion in the video above at left, including Streep's view on portraying the iconic female leader.