Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant on the unique type of love in "Florence Foster Jenkins"

Meryl Streep has warned viewers against judging the relationship between her titular character in "Florence Foster Jenkins" and Hugh Grant's St. Clair Bayfield, Jenkins' husband -- or judging any relationship, really.

In the 1940s-set historical comedy-drama film -- from director Stephen Frears -- about Jenkins, a real-life wealthy socialite who became famous for her lack of vocal talent, one plotline follows the romantic relationship between Jenkins and her kind but philandering husband.

Streep says their love should not be dismissed in spite of the infidelities.

"I think especially, peering into other people's relationships, it's almost always not what you think it is from the outside, and I think it's an accurate portrayal of realistic, delusional love," she explained.

"It's realistic because it is what it is and there is illusion and they both prop up ... in this bubble of happiness."

"I mean one of the genius things that Stephen did that's embedded in the film is even in the margins, you feel the warmth," added the actress. "There's so many analogies to now, figuring out what makes life worth living. Love and art, as far as I'm concerned, is right smack in the middle. So the compromises that people make to keep their happiness intact -- I think that's all in the service of good."

Grant takes a somewhat different stance, but has another explanation why viewers should forgive Bayfield (spoiler ahead).

"I think Bayfield has convinced himself that they did have an understanding and that things were fine, but clearly they're not really fine and somewhere deep inside they're troubling," he explains.

"But you have to cut him a little slack because after all, Florence did have syphilis and ... it's tricky," he says to laughs. "It's a bit of a passion-killer."

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