Mercedes-Benzes Recalled

DaimlerChrysler AG said Thursday it is recalling some 1.3 million Mercedes-Benz cars worldwide to fix problems with their alternators and batteries.

The German-U.S. auto maker said it will check the voltage regulator in the alternator on six- and eight-cylinder models and replace the regulator if needed.

It said it would install battery control software on the E-class and CLS-class models built from January 2002-January 2005. The company also said the braking system on the E, SL and CLS-class made since June 2001 would be updated.

The company said the recall was part of its effort to improve its renewed emphasis on its cars and is notifying its customers in writing of the recall.

The company has set up a hot line for European customers at 800-1-777-7777. In the United States, customers can call 1-800-FOR-MERC.