Mental Health Gets Boost From "House"

"Everybody Lies"

If you recognize that phrase as one of the favorites of medical curmudgeon Dr. Gregory House, you might want to pick up a T-shirt that TV's Emmy-winning "House" is selling to benefit charity.

Hugh Laurie, the award winning actor who plays the grumpy doctor on the hit Fox TV show, modeled the gray shirt with that catchphrase on it when the garments were unveiled on the 20th Century Fox lot in Los Angeles on April 23, 2007. Proceeds from the sale will benefit National Alliance on Mental Illness.

According to published reports, the T-shirts were first created as a gift for the crew, but became so popular that the show's executives decided to market them to fans as well.

Also taking part in the "fashion show" were "House" cast members Lisa Edelstein, Jesse Spencer, Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps and Robert Sean Leonard.