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Meet the 2010 Gods of Sales!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the absolute best of the best? Every couple of years BNET looks for sales professionals who go above and beyond the call of quota. Below are the 2010 Sales Gods -- real role models for everyone in the sales field. Check them out...... then come back here to vote on your favorite!
  • God #1: The Persuader
  • Motto: "I Know How to Turn any 'No' into a 'Yes'"
  • What You'll Learn: When luxury retailers need shop space in New York, they usually call broker Faith Hope Consolo. How she kept the deals coming in when the retail industry tanked.
  • God #2: The Rapport Builder
  • Motto: "I'm Only as Good as I Am Authentic"
  • What You'll Learn: This United Way VP raised more than $22 million in each of the last three years, despite a big drop in overall charitable giving. Here's his secret.
  • God #3: The King of Referrals
  • Motto: "I Get New Clients to Come to Me"
  • What You'll Learn: Steve Kaneski sells more life insurance and financial products than any of New York Life's 11,000 brokers. It's about face time. Lots of it.
  • God #4: The Trusted Adviser
  • Motto: "I Sell Private Jets -- Even in Hard Times"
  • What You'll Learn: Most execs didn't want to be caught dead traveling in posh private jets during the recession. Not a problem for this sales rep.
  • God #5: The Patient Pitchman
  • Motto: "I Mastered the Long Sales Cycle"
  • What You'll Learn: For Siemens' Walter Koellner, sealing the deal takes years -- not just to nail down the particulars but also to develop trust with prospects.
  • God #6: The Storyteller
  • Motto: "If I Have a Great Story, I Can Sell Anything"
  • What You'll Learn: Jeff Gomez may not seem like a traditional salesman -- but he's perfected what every pitchman needs to know how to do: sell a good story.

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