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Meet One Direction's opening act: Pop singer Camryn

Camryn is just 13 years old but the budding pop singer just played to thousands of people as the opening act for this year's "it" boy band, One Direction. Apparently, the tour went over well because Camryn has just been tapped to open for the U.K. group's 2013 European leg.

"It was amazing and terrifying," Camryn told about warming up the crowd for One Direction. "It was the biggest audience I ever played to. So, going in there, I didn't really know what to expect. And I think that's the worst part -- going in there, you don't know whether they're going to like you, or they're going to hate you. At the end of it all, it went amazing and I made a lot of new fans and friends."

The Denver, Colo., native, who now calls Los Angeles home, said she gets along great with the One Direction guys.

"They are all really sweet. Backstage it's really crazy and everybody's a little bit stressed. So I tried to keep out of everybody's way but I did see them -- mainly Harry [Styles] and Niall [Horan]. They are always around. Whenever they would see me, they would say, 'Good luck,' or 'How was the show?' They are all so sweet and fun and funny."

Touring isn't completely new for Camryn, who's full name is Camryn Magness. She has opened for Selena Gomez, and two years ago, she went on tour with Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance. And although she's only 13, she's been performing for a few years.

"I've been singing ever since I can remember. I always knew singing was something I was passionate about. But it wasn't until I was about seven when I entered my first talent show. Just singing in front of everybody, it was terrifying, but I knew it was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When I was eight I recorded a demo and I sent it out Jeff, who is my manager, now. After that we started recording and writing and building my fan-base slowly...And after that everything just started falling into place."

For Camryn, singing just came naturally. But these days, she does vocal lessons as well.

"I try to keep my voice as warmed as possible -- just to keep it nice and strong. I learned how to breathe better. Different techniques," she said. "It's really helped a lot."

Camryn's single, "Now or Never," recently found its way on to the Top 40 radio chart. She describes it as a "fun, dance song."

"It also has a strong meaning to it," said Camryn, who studies and takes classes while on the road. "In some parts it's about forbidden love and other parts it's saying: 'It's now or never, let's make this happen because we don't know about tomorrow. We don't know how this will turn out. But we got to take a chance.'"

Although Camryn had a hand in writing the track, she worked on it with other writers and producers.

"I am young so I don't really have life experience," said Camryn, who cites Mariah Carey and Pink as her influences. "I only what I see, or partial of what I experience. So when I team up with other writers, we start going over lyrics and the melody."

As for 2013, Camryn will be quite busy. She has enough songs to put out an album, but wants to wait for "the right time."

In the mean time, she'll be traveling around Europe. The sold-out, 63-date One Direction tour kicks off Feb. 23 at London's O2 Arena and will continue through May.

"To be invited back on tour with a band whose album is No. 1 in 32 countries is beyond words," Camryn said. "I have so many fans in Europe that I can't wait to meet. Plus, I get to bring my band with me this time around, so I'll be rocking out even harder."