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Meet A Real-Life Dr. Dolittle

If you think that psychic readings are just for human beings, then you thought wrong. Sonya Fitzpatrick, an English-born animal lover not only psychically communicates with pets, but explains to their often frustrated owners just what's bothering them.

Jane Clayson found out just what's going on inside of the mind of Tes. Fitzpatrick also talked to Eliana's cat Maxi and Pierre Brooks' bird Bernie.

Sonya is the author of What The Animals Tell Me, which has been published in three languages and Cat Talk. She was featured in the HBO documentary, To Love or Kill: Man Versus Animal, exploring the relationship between humans and animals and is a passionate advocate of No-Kill Sanctuaries for lost or abandoned animals. She has appeared on Lifetimes's Unsolved Mysteries and is the The Pet Psychic on Animal Planet.

She lives in Houston with her husband Denis, her four cats, Abbie, Dante, Molly and Polly, and her seven dogs: Daisy, Foxy, Honey, EllÈ, Sally, Samantha, and Sammy.

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