Md. police trying to find out who posted photos of high school girls to Facebook

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An investigation is under way into who posted nude photos online of Harford County, Md. high school students.

(CBS) EDGEWOOD, Md. - An investigation is under way to determine who posted nude photos online of Harford County, Md. high school students, CBS Baltimore reports.

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According to the station, more than a dozen pictures of naked girls from Edgewood High School were posted on Facebook and authorities do not believe the girls posted the pictures themselves.

The photos have since been taken down and the page has been deleted.

Police say there is a good chance these pictures do not qualify as child pornography, although the ages of the girls in question are not clear yet.

The Child Advocacy group is currently investigating the incident.

Harford County Sheriff's Office spokesman Edward Hopkins says that parents need to talk to their children about taking these kinds of photos and what the outcome can be, the station reports.

The Harford County public school system released the following statement regarding the investigation:

"Cybersafety is an issue that we have been working proactively to address with local and state law enforcement and other stakeholders in the community. Unfortunately, this is an increasing trend and we will continue to work collaboratively with community partners to bring awareness of the resulting risks and consequences of this type of behavior."