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McDonald's meal, hungry driver, blamed for collision with Mass. state trooper

A person is seen texting while driving.
Mass. state police blame a distracted driver reaching into a bag of food for a collision with a state trooper CBS

(CBS/AP) WESTFIELD, Mass. - Drinking and driving, texting and driving...eating McDonald's and driving...

That last one is what state police in Massachusetts are pointing to in the case of a teenager who crashed her car into a state trooper's cruiser over the weekend, apparently while reaching into a bag of fast food on her lap.

Authorities allege a car driven by 18-year-old Tia Grover, of Westfield, went through a flashing red light at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday just before she was struck by the cruiser driven by Trooper Daniel Moran, who had a flashing yellow light.

A state police spokesman tells The Republican newspaper that evidence suggests Grover was eating from a McDonald's bag. Police say she told investigators that she doesn't remember how the accident occurred.

Grover was cited for failure to yield to a traffic signal, failure to wear a seat belt, and impeded operation of a motor vehicle for having food in her lap.

More proof that Michelle Obama is right about the hazards of McDonald's?

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